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Timex Ironman Global Trainer Review

November 10th, 2010


  • Attractive, high quality appearance
  • Four-display screen is very easy to read
  • Customizable displays
  • Massive amount of features and options (compass, map, etc.)
  • Good for multi-sport athletes (customize settings for up to 5 sports)


  • Satellite signals can load very slowly and aren’t as accurate as Garmin
  • No foot pod
  • Limited to TrainingPeaks software
  • Marketed to triathletes, but unclear whether it’s waterproof


Timex Ironman Global TrainerThe Timex Ironman Global Trainer GPS with Heart Rate Monitor is a robust GPS running watch. This watch offers a slough of customization options compared to some of its competitors and collects a considerable amount of data. The data that it records includes pace/speed, distance, GPS location (including latitude, longitude, and altitude), heart rate, and more. Than data is then uploaded to PC software or the internet for tracking workout patterns and statistics over time.

One downside to the Timex Ironman Global Trainer GPS running watch is its lack of additional devices, specifically a foot pod to track distance covered on treadmill workouts. Another fairly common complaint is inconsistent GPS reception and accuracy. But the deeper you get into this watch, the more bells and whistles you’ll find, including a compass function, viewable maps, and more.

One of the most appealing features of the Timex Ironman Global Trainer is its display, which is crisp in appearance and easier to read than many of its competitors. The watch face features four small display screens, each of which is customizable and can be toggled through during a workout. This allows athletes to view overall information such as total distance and total time (or time per split) while also viewing more dynamic data, such as pace and heart rate.

The Timex Ironman Global Trainer also allows users to establish different settings for up to 5 sports. For example, owners can access preferred displays for biking, hiking, distance running, sprints, etc., rather than adjusting settings each time they switch sports. For triathletes in training, this GPS running watch can also be programmed to switch from one sport to another, including transitions, at the touch of a button, which allows for accurate speed statistics.

Unfortunately, not all users are pleased with their post-workout options. Data reported and collected from the Timex Ironman Global Trainer can be imported into the software Timex provides or into its online training statistics program, both from TrainingPeaks. To access more advanced tracking features, users must pay a monthly subscription to upgrade, and it appears that the data cannot be used with any of the other training programs or websites currently available. (If you buy this watch and find Garmin to have changed their policy, please let us know.)

Bottom line: The Timex Ironman Global Trainer is a GPS training watch that tracks heart rate, distance, speed, and route. Although an attractive watch with many high-end features and options, this watch is one of Timex’s first attempts at a GPS running watch. It has several functional downsides that may be reason to wait for a newer model or select a more experienced competitor.